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[ Download from this server (7.30 Mb) · Download from mirror () ] 2014-12-21, 6:44 PM

ViceC64-SDL 2.4 (new UI) updated 20.08.2016
builded with native google ndk & pelya's SDL-lib


- new ui

- floating joystick


updated 20.08.2016

- new api

- transparent virtual keyboard

- quick load/save states


updated 31.07.2015

new virtual keyboard


updated 06.08.2015

-added save states, hard and soft reset buttons via new gui


If you had trouble with blackscreen after update try complete uninstall/reinstall app

Category: Emulators | Added by: lubomyr
Views: 3741 | Downloads: 1357 | Comments: 7 | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 7
7 arquillos  
I realy like this version. Good job.
I´d like to know if I can:
- Disable the on-screen controllers
- Configure a default path for C64 roms. When loading a new rom the app starts always browsing from the app directory :(

Thank you!!

6 c64loo  

This latest version (I think nit is 2.4.04) is super choppy when I try to use it with a usb controller, when I press buttons. However the original 2.4 does not have the same issue.

5 MurlocQ  
Hi lubomyr!

I downloaded the latest version of Vice, and a noticed a strange thing again. I turned off the floating for I hate it. So if swipe down the joystick then the cursor in the classic settings menu steps only one. But if I press it down it does the same thing as before namely it steps two menu items. What if this is not a bug, but feature? I mean some obscure feature of the SDE surface? Though I don't know how these things work, but thought maybe it could help you.

3 MurlocQ  
Hi lubomyr!

I tried this update and this one has acting weirdly on my Tablet (ASUS ME301T), when you press the directions or the 'fire button' in the settings menu, it detects it like the buttons were pressed twice. For example if I press down in the settings it won just go down one menu item, but two, so the cursor lands on 'tape'. And so it is very hard, if not impossible, to set anything up. Do you have an idea for a solution to this problem?

4 lubomyr  
I know about this problem. But i can't solve it.
My current goal is minimize use old settings menu.
For example i want to do load/savestates via new gui.

2 Dario  
Hi, thanks for this great emu!
I am having some issues running Commando (tried t64 and d64 images), there is some strange jittering with the vertical scrolling. Is there any specific settings that I should use (I tried drive true sped as well, but no luck :( )

I am running it on the nvidia shield portable with android 4.2


1 MurlocQ  
Great job!
And all the praise!
I did not try it yet, but about to download!

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