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Vice C64 emu
[ Download from this server (2.77 Mb) ] 2010-11-24, 7:49 PM
Vice C64 SDL 2.4 (updated 04.03.2013)

builded with native google ndk & pelya's SDL-lib


updated 27.02.2013
- updated to 2.4
- updated to latest libSDL
- text input broken
- control changed
- multiabi (armv7 and vfpv3-d16 opptimization)
- much faster on armv7-devices then previous version

updated 04.03.2013
- restored resid support
- text input fixed

Back - menu
Menu - c64 virtual keyboard

On-screen control:
1 - Fire (Select)
2 - C64 Virtual keyboard
3 - Cancel

True drive - disable by default (but can be enable via vice setting)


cfg&script (only for developers)
Category: Emulators | Added by: lubomyr
Views: 11681 | Downloads: 1830 | Comments: 20 | Rating: 5.0/1
Total comments: 191 2 »
19 Oliver Damjan  

This is the best c64 emu on android, but please enable the virtual joystick to be hidden since we are playing with two ps3 controllers and the onscreen joystick is really annoying! !!
Please update.

Best regards


18 flyingsaucer  
This emulator is the BEST!!!! If people has trouble in setting physical joystick (fire buttons) if u have a device with USB OTG you can use USB/BT Joystick Center 6 from google play it's a must. With this app you can map every physical joystick DPAD and buttons Bluetooth or USB joy likes a keyboard. So you can easily remap that inside this wonderful emulator likes keyboard keyset mapping and you are ok. Thanks lubomyr

17 CarlosG87  
Your Emulator is the Best C64 for android plataformi have ever seen,

The ViCII border mode needs a fix.
When set to "None" shows more of the game but makes a lot of vertical video stuttering in games like
Past Finder, BlueMax and all the games that uses vertical scroll
This the only issue, and after fixing that this is the official, unbeatable C64 Emulator for Android plataform.
My Mobile device is a Samsung Galaxy SIII

Thank you for this awesome emulator.

15 Marko  
Can you please, PLEASE make an update? This is the best c64-emulator for android so far, but this version still has issues with games when they need a "true drive"-emulation. :( This is very sad, because the vice-version for PSP is very much older, but has a perfect "true drive"-emulation. I really would like to have this for android. Any chance for an update in the next time?

16 lubomyr  
ok, i will try to update

14 TheOtherAlex  
Hi, just another request: would it be possible to have a real onscreen keyboard, like e.g. in aDOSBox? It would be nice to use a transparent keyboard for playing certain rpg's or adventures that require constant keyboard input.

12 El Marko  
Frodo 64 just plain won't load stuff, this emulator seems better. The menu controls are not too bad - but can you please make it so holding down a key lets you scroll? Ie: When you are picking which directory to load from, pushing the down arrow and holding it should scroll down the choices, so you don't have to click the arrow 20 times.

One question too - using Epic 4G and I can't seem to map joystick controls to keyboard? I go to the joystick mapping option and it says 'polling joystick port 2 for fire botton, timeout in 5..4..3..2..1.." During this time I push the key I want to use, doesn't work.

It uses the volume up as fire button by default which is not so great. How do I remap? Maybe I just can't. ;)

13 lubomyr  
Try go to Vice Menu
Machine Settings->Joystick Settings->Define keysets

soon will be ready new version with volume control.
holding down a key with scroll maybe work too.

11 Matt L.  
Would it be possible to support the Xperia Play hardware controls? It would make playing games far better than using onscreen controls...

10 sircube  
Great app!

thanks for making it for Android. It runs with amazingly nice speed comapred to Mobile C64.
Though some compatibility issues I have also found (e.g. Jack the nipper II crashes).

Please keep up the good work!

(xperia play)

9 Marko  
Hi there, i really like your emulator, using it with xperia play, c64 gaming is very nice. But i don't know how to map the physical keys to keyboard-keys? To example, i try to set the key "A" to a button on the gamepad, but i don't find "A", there are only keys like "KP_PLUS", "WORLD_21" and more like this. :/

I really like to play games like "Alter Ego" or "Gem'X", but because these games need some kind of special TrueDrive-Emulation (?), they only start to load, but never get it in the game. :( Any chance for an update in next time? :)

In spite of everything, the performance of the working games is very much better than in frodo, so thank you for this app! :)

8 TheOtherAlex  
Just tried your build, but no luck :(

I've checked with WinVICE and noticed that it only runs BT3 properly if true drive emulation is enabled and drive type 1541 is highlighted in drive settings. So I guess (probably) that's where the problem lies.

Nonetheless - thanks for your efforts!



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