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[ Download from this server (5.92 Mb) · Download from mirror (6.2 mb) ] 2016-04-25, 0:20 AM

Uae4arm updated 20.10.2016 (by TomB)

Android port by Lyubomyr Lisen

Fast and powerful amiga emulator for ARM-arch. with JIT2 support by TomB


- 68000, 68020, 68030, 68040 CPU

- FPU support

- Zorro3 FastMem (up to 128Mb) support

- Picasso96 (rtg memory) support

- bsdsocket.library (internet) support

- several harddrive (include RDB) support

- CD32 support (wav, flac and mp3 support)

- mouse hack (for direct non-relative mouse mode on touchscreen)

- better compatibility



Nubs as mouse

1. D-pad: Joystick movement
X: 1st Joystick button / RED button on CD32 controller
B: 2nd Joystick button / BLUE button on CD32 controller
A: GREEN button on CD32 controller
Y: Space bar / YELLOW button on CD32 controller
R+D-pad: Arrow keys
R+A: Ctrl
R+B: left Alt
R+X: Help

2. dPad as mouse

D-pad: Move mouse pointer
A: left mouse click
B: right mouse click
Y: Space bar

keycodes for re-mapping:

A (keycode: HOME)
B (keycode: END)
X (keycode: PAGEDOWN) -
Y (keycode: PAGEUP)
L (keycode: F13)
R (keycode: RCTRL)
Start (keycode: F11)
Menu - (keycode: F12)



source code

latest changes:

- sound fix for picasso96 mode

- added transparency for virtual keyboard

Category: Emulators | Added by: lubomyr
Views: 5214 | Downloads: 1289 | Comments: 12 | Rating: 0.0/0
Total comments: 3
3 Ahite  
Play store says this is not compatible with my S6 Lite... what's the issue? Any chance to get it running?

2 sanchez_mike01  
Greetings ....ever since the latest beta update , I cannot not launch a hdf game from my frontend (hyperspin)...if I launch from the wheel, uae4arm launches then crashes back to the frontend...the weird part is that cd32 isos launch perfectly from the wheel...with the newest emulator, I create a uae file for an hdf game and I can start it perfectly from the user interface but from the frontend it crashes....also with the newest version it wont launch a whdload game whether from the user main menu or frontend...with the original beta version I was able to launch both whdload and hdf and cd32 from the frontend...a rollback apk was posted in hyperspin forums but with that apk I am still not able to launch a whdload or hdf from the frontend and whdload wont work at there possibly a uae4arm apk when the intent to launch command was 1st implemented for frontend launching? ..thank u

1 KRL  
Great work porting all thoose things keep it up!!
Greetings from Poland.

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