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Dosbox 0.74
[ Download from this server (2.51 Mb) ] 2011-02-02, 5:02 PM
DosBox 0.74 b3 (updated 19.02.2010)

builded with native google ndk & pelya's SDL-lib

updated 07.02.2010
- added support sdl_mixer sdl_net sdl_sound (thanks to Pelya)
- added 4 on-screen buttons
1 - Dosbox Keymapper
2 - Quit
3 - Decrase Frame Skip
4 - Incrase Frame Skip
Mouse Capture - 'search' key (after pressing 'search' key, press on cursor position on screen)

updated 10.02.2010
- fixed compatibility with older version of Android OS 1.6+

updated 19.02.2010
- better app2sd support

After run DosBox press by finger on center of screen on cursor position, it needed for mouse calibration.



Previous version

cfg, script, diff, build instruction (only for developers)
Category: Emulators | Added by: lubomyr
Views: 46012 | Downloads: 7380 | Comments: 123 | Rating: 3.7/6
Total comments: 661 2 3 4 5 6 »
66 gravisrs  
I am getting errors about text relocations

Any ideas why?

65 Bill  
I need

64 Bill  

63 Santi  

62 elenadf60  
Hardcore Gay photo blogging post

61 Mike  
#60: lubomyr, thanks for new version. Perhaps, joystick is displayed but does not react. Even in Victory Commander.
As you wrote - trackpad does not work and timeout is OK.
And remapping physical keys still dont work :(
I start have feeling that HTC Desire Z is cursed...

59 Mike  
lubomyr: I am sorry. This new build is worse than the old one. Settings button blink for one half second. Trackball does not work (in old one worked). Remapping arrow keys (up, down, right, left) dont work at all. In early version I can move up/down in Victory Commander. Now I even cannot do this - remapping keys to W, A, S, Z now is completely ignored. Althought other remapping is fully function (f.e. Del > backspace). I regret HTC Desire have not got hardware arrow keys. I know if you have not got acces to the device, so you can hardly find problem :(

60 lubomyr  
- fixed timeout setting button screen
- added on-screen joystick
- 1-st onscreen button assigned to RETURN
- small bugfixes
trackball still not work
all others not tested

57 Mike  
#56: lubomyr, I guess, I will disappoint you - I had that option unchecked before.

I dont understand why on-creen buttons work and hardware keys mapped with keymapper not.

58 lubomyr  
re-builded dosbox with latest changes in sdl-lib
Try this version and post result

55 Mike  
Hi, I have problem with HTC Desire Z. Hardware keys remapping is not working for me. For example, I remap "A" from HW keyboard like "left", in build in file manager is working (I think), but when I execute some game like PoP or Prehistorik, the key is not working. Also trackpad.

The onscreen joystick is the only one thing what is working. I think this is realy pitty. Of I use latest version from here. However I tried other ports of DosBox for Android (aDosBox and AnDosBox) and only your is working satisfying. aDosBox nor andosbox cannot remap keys and i cannot use arrows too.

If you have time, to make fix or write me what i am doing wrong, it woud be great. Thanks.

56 lubomyr  
Try go to SDL-settings
Advanced features->"Move mouse with joystick or trackball"
and try disable this features
Maybe this help.

54 gtab  
update. i just found out how to re-calibrate the mouse pointer on the run.

1. you will need to calibrate touchscreen so the calibration image expand to fit the screen as much as possible.
2. when mouse pointer is available, hold your finger on the screen and slide your finger to the closest corner of the screen to the pointer.
(if the pointer is to the top left of where you finger touch, then slide to top left, if bottom right, then slide to bottom right, etc.)
afterward, the pointer will land wherever you touch the screen.

redo #2 if the pointer misalign again.

note: it doesn't always work. i found that some programs simply wouldn't let the pointer move all the way to the corners.

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