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Uae4all2-SDL (Pandora edition)
[ Download from this server (5.78Mb) · Download from mirror () ] 2012-11-17, 2:35 AM

Uae4all2-SDL (Pandora version port for android) updated 01.03.2015

builded with native google ndk & pelya's SDL-lib

A fast and optimized Amiga Emulator
Features: AGA/OCS/ECS, 68020 and 68000 emulation, harddisk-support, WHDLoad-support, Chip/Slow/Fast-mem settings, savestates, vsync, most games run fullspeed

Author: Bernd Schmidt, Toni Wilen, Chui, notaz, Pickle, smoku, AnotherGuest, Anonymous engineer, john4p, TomB, finkel, Mustafa "GnoStiC" Tufan
Android build by Lubomyr, android-sdl provided by pelya


location for kickstarts files:



updated 22.12.2013



- new UI (big thanks to pelya)
- New features - preview of saved states
- finished custom control tab
- new scheme of on-screen buttons for for using custom control and better compatibility with openpandora, game consoles, and gamepads
4 3 ( YX)
2 1 ( BA)

'1'- <Button A> autofire [HOME]
'2'- <Button B> Right mouse click [END]
'3'- <Button X> joystick fire/left click [PAGEDOWN]
'4'- <Button Y> [PAGEUP]
'5' <Button L> [SDLK_RSHIFT]
'6' <Button R> [SDLK_RCTRL]
old textUI vkeybd - '2'+'4'
SDL keycode action:
F15 textUI vkeybd
LCTRL - emulator menu toggle 
LALT - change input method
Android keyboard which is compatible with uae4all2
Please use linux layout with full keyboard (07.01.2014)
- added additional setting for enable/disable file extension filter
- added additional setting for enable/disable quick switch features via buttons
- small bug fixes
- improved amiga compatibility (thanks to TomB)
- added eject buttons for every flopy drives
- (ANDROID) Multithreaded video enabled by default (if you will have decreased performance, please disable it in sdl-setting)
- Performance enhancements (Thanks to TomB)
- Improved compatibility (Thanks to TomB)
- AROS as kickstart replacement supported. (Thanks to TomB)
Lot of games and demos are working with this replacement and we can distribute a copy of the files with UAE4All (current version already included in PND).
Note: AROS needs at least 1MB chip RAM and 1 MB fast RAM.
- fixed bug with custom control (left and right direction of dpad now works correct with custom control)
- mouse click implementation for F13, F14 keycodes been removed
- added RP9 support (work depend from firmware, with some devices - not works)
- small gui fixes
- improved  configuration for PS3 sixaxis gamepad (for apply new configuration please 'reset config to default' via SDL-setting)
- pelya's libSDL updated 27.03.2014
- x86 support
if app crashed on start then please disable 'separate thread for video' in 'SDL Setting' (Video Setting)
- added Floating joystick (on-screen tab, disabled by default, mouse with this mode not works)
- some new features via SDL-settings. Thanks to pelya.
- multi-thread disabled by default
- improved compatibility (Slamtilt AGA - works again)
- 1.5mb slowmem fixed
- 1.8mb slowmem added
- (GUI) added sliders for memory managment
- Added hack for blitter stuck (thanks to TomB)
- Bugfix in custom_bget -> HoneyComb-Demo now working (thanks to TomB)
- Improved blitter compatibility a bit (thanks to TomB)
- Added Immediate Blitter
- added Improved blitter mode (thanks to TomB)
- file picker on Lollipop - fixed.
- Bugfix: Graphic glitches in very rare situations after loading a saved state (Thanks to TomB)
- Bugfix: Crash while loading/saving states (Thanks to TomB)
- textUI vkeybd via pressing "B"+"Y" been removed from default control, and now works only with quick switch scheme 1
- GUI:added manual kickrom selection
- SDL: added few new on-screen themes from retroarch
 - Bugfix: Minor graphic bug in Love Demo fixed
 - CPU idle indicator in status line
 - Performance update for AGA
(thanks to TomB)
  - only for developers
guichan-src-03012014.tar.gzonly for developers (uae4all2 used modded guichan library)
Category: Emulators | Added by: lubomyr
Views: 29572 | Downloads: 2847 | Comments: 92 | Rating: 4.4/5
Total comments: 751 2 3 4 5 6 »
75 mrsnille   (2014-12-31 4:35 PM)
Hi, I'm trying to get two Joysticks to work.
I have two Joysticks that simulates keys, Left=S, Right=F and so on. All buttons on the Joysticks are mapped to a key on a keyboard. Now I want to configure the keys for the Joysticks in the settings, but I don't know how... I can get one to work. But if "both" Joysticks are enabled one Joystick controls both players.
I have two of these Joysticks: (set in mode for two player = Up to 4 controller acts as virtual keyboards mapping different keys for each button).
My goal is to get both controllers working so I can play Turboraketti II ( ) with my friends! smile

Then I know it's probably a stretch, but it would be really cool if there was a way to stream via Chromecast to a big screen! smile

Thank you for all your efforts so far!

74 KOSTAS   (2014-07-05 2:06 PM)
Hi guys!

I have a problem with the emulator on my OUYA after the latest (OUYA) system update.... :(

I cannot access the emulators menu (pressing R2) after i start a (any) game...

Why that happens?

Before the system update everything worked perfectly.

Can you please check this "bug" so I can use again this fantastic emu?

Does anyone else have the same problem after the latest system update?

Please answer.


73 DrChaos   (2014-05-06 11:37 AM)
Will it be possible to port this to the GCW Zero??

It now supprots SDL

72 Danny   (2014-04-07 9:35 PM)
Yes, PLEASE fix the controller bug, if you find the time. The emu is running on my OUYA just great and I would love to play together with my old friend (we played back then in the 90s on original AMIGA). I think it can only be a little change in the code. Some kind of mapping physical controllers to ports. Right now on OUYA you control both players with both controlers.

CONTROLER1 controls Player 1 and 2
CONTROLER2 controls Player 1 and 2

Would be so nice to see this working!

70 DrChaos   (2014-04-02 3:32 AM)
Hi Luomyr,

thanks for this nice emulator, I think it is currently the best... Is there any chance to get two DPADs to work? If not, does any of the other Emulators support two (physical) Sticks/Dpads ?

Thanks a lot...


71 lubomyr   (2014-04-03 3:50 PM)
Theoretical may be possible, but practical i not have any idea how to implement it.

69 RonASA   (2014-01-26 10:45 PM)
Okay installed this into my Lenovo IdeaTab A3000 Android tablet today and it does work, sort of.  Certainly loads up games no problem but I cannot seem to get the keyboard to come up.  How do you get the keyboard?  The button it appears to be doesnt respond at all.

67 xo   (2014-01-03 2:41 PM)
you may want to check hackers kbd, it's almost perfect for emulators(fn's esc, etc).

66 Higgy   (2014-01-03 2:34 AM)

Thanks again for more updates.
Here is some more feedback, again on OUYA:
New menu UI working well so I am trying that. A couple of points
1. App crashes when pressing down in the following UI tabs, Hard DRV & Misc
2. Cannot access following UI tabs Displ./Snd. , OnScr & Floppy Dr by pressing down.
3. The remaining tabs work, I can press down and change options OK.
4. I can move all tabs left and right no problem. I can even press UP and it jumps to bottom UI menu so I can Start emulator.

Also here are a few more SDK keycodes I found:
F13 - left mouse button
LCTRL - emulator menu toggle

Pressing button L & R (SDK RSHIfT & RCTRL) together with up/down pans screen up/down.

If WHDLoad asks for PrtScr to exit, select * on UI keyboard. Thanks to a friend who looked on his actual AMIGA keyboard to see that PrtScr and * are on the same key.


68 lubomyr   (2014-01-03 3:53 PM)
i will add this to main description
big thanks for info

64 Higgy   (2013-12-29 2:49 PM)
Sorry I forgot to say. The mouse emulation was working really well, on Cannon fodder I could move and shoot. No sticking shooting as I mention previously. There are so many Mouse options it was probably a setting that best suits OUYA rather than Emulator issues.
I follow the OUYA guide from Gazdaman. Your emulator has updated quite a bit, so maybe we need to tweek the OUYA guide too.

Many Thanks.

63 Higgy   (2013-12-29 2:39 PM)

I have been having a good go at the emulator. Here is some feedback all on OUYA. Sorry I am typing on tablet so not the best.
First off New UI. 
You have to position and click the cursor slightly above the top icons on the main emulator headings to select them. Maybe some slight offset issue. 

When selection folders for HDF files etc I was getting quite a few crashes. I think it was to do with how quickly I clicked. If I clicked to highlight folder then waited half-to-one second and made second click it was OK.

Emulator was working very well, we had lots of fun thanks.

I see you have uploaded the new emulation code with the old UI. So I will have a go at that.

Could you please list what SDL keycodes do what in the emulator so we can configure OUYA or PS3 controller. I.e. L = change input method. As I have lost what key code goes back to the emulator menu and I have to quit right out currently.

Regarding the textUI keyboard is there a key code to make it appear? Pressing two buttons at once is not ideal on OUYA and I would option to bind on its own button.Also on OUYA the keyboard would appear/disappear very quickly (maybe code for this runs very quick on OUYA). So is it possible to add a fraction of a delay for it to stay on screen. We have to press buttons very fast to get it to appear/disappear.

Finally thanks for hard work and hope you had a Great Christmas holiday.

65 lubomyr   (2013-12-31 0:14 AM)
SDL keycode action:
F15 textUI vkeybd
F14 - right mouse click
LALT - Change Input method

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