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Uae4all2-SDL (Pandora edition)
[ Download from this server (5.43Mb) ] 2012-11-17, 2:35 AM

Uae4all2-SDL (Pandora version port for android) updated 25.08.2014

builded with native google ndk & pelya's SDL-lib

A fast and optimized Amiga Emulator
Features: AGA/OCS/ECS, 68020 and 68000 emulation, harddisk-support, WHDLoad-support, Chip/Slow/Fast-mem settings, savestates, vsync, most games run fullspeed

Author: Bernd Schmidt, Toni Wilen, Chui, notaz, Pickle, smoku, AnotherGuest, Anonymous engineer, john4p, TomB, finkel, Mustafa "GnoStiC" Tufan
Android build by Lubomyr, android-sdl provided by pelya


location for kickstarts files:



updated 22.12.2013



- new UI (big thanks to pelya)
- New features - preview of saved states
- finished custom control tab
- new scheme of on-screen buttons for for using custom control and better compatibility with openpandora, game consoles, and gamepads
4 3 ( YX)
2 1 ( BA)

'1'- <Button A> autofire [HOME]
'2'- <Button B> Right mouse click [END]
'3'- <Button X> joystick fire/left click [PAGEDOWN]
'4'- <Button Y> [PAGEUP]
'5' <Button L> [SDLK_RSHIFT]
'6' <Button R> [SDLK_RCTRL]
old textUI vkeybd - '2'+'4'
SDL keycode action:
F15 textUI vkeybd
LCTRL - emulator menu toggle 
LALT - change input method
Android keyboard which is compatible with uae4all2
Please use linux layout with full keyboard (07.01.2014)
- added additional setting for enable/disable file extension filter
- added additional setting for enable/disable quick switch features via buttons
- small bug fixes
- improved amiga compatibility (thanks to TomB)
- added eject buttons for every flopy drives
- (ANDROID) Multithreaded video enabled by default (if you will have decreased performance, please disable it in sdl-setting)
- Performance enhancements (Thanks to TomB)
- Improved compatibility (Thanks to TomB)
- AROS as kickstart replacement supported. (Thanks to TomB)
Lot of games and demos are working with this replacement and we can distribute a copy of the files with UAE4All (current version already included in PND).
Note: AROS needs at least 1MB chip RAM and 1 MB fast RAM.
- fixed bug with custom control (left and right direction of dpad now works correct with custom control)
- mouse click implementation for F13, F14 keycodes been removed
- A few more games and demos working: Alien Breed 3D 2, Love-Demo from Fairlight (really cool...)
Thanks to TomB
- repaired gzip support
- added bz2 support
- added zip support (work depend from firmware, with some devices - not works)
- fixed problem with GUI for device with non-standard touchscreen driver
Thanks to pelya
- added RP9 support (work depend from firmware, with some devices - not works)
- small gui fixes
- improved  configuration for PS3 sixaxis gamepad (for apply new configuration please 'reset config to default' via SDL-setting)
- pelya's libSDL updated 27.03.2014
- x86 support
if app crashed on start then please disable 'separate thread for video' in 'SDL Setting' (Video Setting)
- added Floating joystick (on-screen tab, disabled by default, mouse with this mode not works)
- some new features via SDL-settings. Thanks to pelya.
- multi-thread disabled by default
- improved compatibility (Slamtilt AGA - works again)
- 1.5mb slowmem fixed
- 1.8mb slowmem added
- (GUI) added sliders for memory managment
- Added hack for blitter stuck (thanks to TomB)
- Bugfix in custom_bget -> HoneyComb-Demo now working (thanks to TomB)
- Improved blitter compatibility a bit (thanks to TomB)
- Added Immediate Blitter
- added Improved blitter mode (thanks to TomB)
uae4all2-sdl- (neon version is faster than non-neon, but your device must support neon instruction set) - only for developers
guichan-src-03012014.tar.gzonly for developers (uae4all2 used modded guichan library)
Category: Emulators | Added by: lubomyr
Views: 25017 | Downloads: 2429 | Comments: 98 | Rating: 4.4/5
Total comments: 801 2 3 4 5 6 »
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74 KOSTAS   (2014-07-05 2:06 PM)
Hi guys!

I have a problem with the emulator on my OUYA after the latest (OUYA) system update.... :(

I cannot access the emulators menu (pressing R2) after i start a (any) game...

Why that happens?

Before the system update everything worked perfectly.

Can you please check this "bug" so I can use again this fantastic emu?

Does anyone else have the same problem after the latest system update?

Please answer.


73 DrChaos   (2014-05-06 11:37 AM)
Will it be possible to port this to the GCW Zero??

It now supprots SDL

72 Danny   (2014-04-07 9:35 PM)
Yes, PLEASE fix the controller bug, if you find the time. The emu is running on my OUYA just great and I would love to play together with my old friend (we played back then in the 90s on original AMIGA). I think it can only be a little change in the code. Some kind of mapping physical controllers to ports. Right now on OUYA you control both players with both controlers.

CONTROLER1 controls Player 1 and 2
CONTROLER2 controls Player 1 and 2

Would be so nice to see this working!

70 DrChaos   (2014-04-02 3:32 AM)
Hi Luomyr,

thanks for this nice emulator, I think it is currently the best... Is there any chance to get two DPADs to work? If not, does any of the other Emulators support two (physical) Sticks/Dpads ?

Thanks a lot...


71 lubomyr   (2014-04-03 3:50 PM)
Theoretical may be possible, but practical i not have any idea how to implement it.

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